Honey and Oatmeal beard soap

NEW: Honey and Oatmeal beard soap

Now available is our brand new soap – Honey and Oatmeal beard soap. Like all BaldyBeardy beard soaps, it cleanses, moisturises and hydrates without stripping your beard and skin of its precious natural oils, resulting in beard health, strength, softness and shininess. It has a very soothing, almost floral-like honey aroma. It also contains some […]

BaldyBeardy beard balms 100ml tins

Beard balms 100ml tins

Did you know you can now get your favourite beard balms in extra large 100ml tins (3.5oz)? This is in addition to the existing tin sizes – 3ml (sample), 15ml (0.5oz), 30ml (1oz), 50ml (1.75oz) and 60ml (2oz) tins. Just choose your desired tin size from the dropdown menu in the balm listing of your choice. Beard […]

New beard oil and balm combination packs

4 new beard oil and balm combination packs have now been added to the range. These are: Brandy Chocolate (website, Etsy store), Cinnamon and Vanilla (website, Etsy store), Evergreen (website, Etsy store), Clove Rock  (website, Etsy store). All are now available at baldybeardy.com and in the Etsy store. All oils and balms are also available to purchase […]