Orange and Cardamom beard oil, Mint Choc beard oil

New! Orange and Cardamom & Mint Choc

2 new scent combinations just added to the range. “Mint Choc“ (yes, just like the ice cream!) and “Orange and Cardamom“. Available now in oil and shampoo. Balms and combo packs will be available later in the week. Also available in the Etsy store ( and Happy bearding! (:-{)}>>

BaldyBeardy Summer Evening Beard Oil

Summer (Evening) has arrived!

Hard to believe it’s already April. It may be like the middle of winter outside but in BaldyBeardy-land summer has arrived. This is Summer Evening. It has a light, fresh and zingy summery scent. This really will help you relax and chill out at the end of a hot summer’s evening with the added bonus […]