Pre-Christmas delivery standard and expedited shipping deadlines

BaldyBeardy pre-Christmas hipping deadlines

The pre-Christmas delivery deadlines have now passed for all countries outside the UK using standard shipping.

1 to 3 day expedited shipping is still available but these deadlines are fast approaching.

Expedited shipping deadlines:
Thursday 15th December (6.00pm GMT) – Australia, Canada, rest of the world (excluding Europe and U.S.A.) [EXPIRED].

Friday 16th December (6.00pm GMT) – U.S.A., Europe (EU and non-EU, excluding Ireland and the UK).

Monday 19th December (6.00pm GMT) – Ireland.

Tuesday 20th December (6.00pm GMT) – UK.

The store will close for a week at midnight, Wednesday 21st December, reopening on Wednesday 28th December. All UK orders placed before then will be shipped on the 22nd and 23rd December.

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