Oriental blend beard oil

Oriental blend beard oil and new atomiser spray lids

The new Oriental beard oil blend is now available!

Packed full of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants.
– these all ensure your skin and beard are moisturised and hydrated,  – they help eliminate damaging free radicals (which contribute to the visible signs of skin ageing),
– they stimulate blood flow to the follicles (which is great for beard growing),
– they improve skin elasticity, they relieve and rejuvenate dry skin,
– they help maintain the skin’s collagen and hair’s keratin levels (thanks to a good supply of zinc),
– they help reduce thinning, split ends, itch and dandruff.

This oil blend will leave your skin and beard looking and feeling really soft, strong, full and healthy.

The component carrier oils in the Oriental blend have been very carefully chosen and blended to optimise your skin and beard’s health and strength.

It is a highly nutritious, light and quick absorbing oil blend, and a lot of time has gone into researching and developing it to ensure an optimal blend that makes your beard and skin look and feel their absolute best.

The hugely successful Original blend (normal and heavier viscosities) continues to be available of course.
Just choose your preferred blend when ordering.

Also, all oils are now available with an atomiser spray lid (see photo), in addition to the dropper and pipette lids. Choose your preferred lid when ordering.

Oriental blend beard oil

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