NEW: Ylang Ylang beard oil and balm

We have had a few people ask us if we could do up a Ylang Ylang beard oil and balm so here they are.

Ylang Ylang beard oil with dropper lid
Ylang Ylang beard oil with dropper lid

As well as having a very soothing and relaxing aroma, Ylang Ylang oil is really beneficial for your beard and skin. It is a natural hair conditioning agent which ensures that your beard is strong, healthy and shiny. Ylang Ylang oil is an antioxidant and so helps eliminate the skin of damaging free radicals, and gives a boost to beard strength and growth. It is a natural antiseptic and so can help relieve any skin irritation or condition you may be experiencing.

This is alongside the many benefits that all of our oils and balms offer.

Available as an oil, balm, and oil + balm combo pack.


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