Citrus Burst beard oil with dropper lid

Citrus Burst – 15% off summer offer

Citrus Burst is a light, fruity, zingy blend that is perfect for the Summer. Made up of a unique blend of orange, grapefruit, lime and tangerine essential oils (never fragrance oils!) – it will ensure your beard is in tip-top shape and condition, healthy, strong, soft and shiny as well as having a lovely citrusy aroma.

For the month of May we have 15% off Citrus Burst beard oil (all bottle sizes), Citrus Burst beard balm (all tin sizes), Citrus Burst beard soap (all sizes), Citrus Burst oil + balm combo, Citrus Burst oil + soap combo and Citrus Burst oil + balm + soap combo.


Citrus Burst beard oil with dropper lid


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