BaldyBeardy Christmas Gift Box


Well we’re now into October so it’s time to start thinking ahead to Christmas. And Christmas has well and truly arrived already in BaldyBeardy-land! (:-{)}>>

This year there are 6 Christmas scent combinations to choose from as well as amazing gift baskets and gift boxes – which make the perfect stocking-fillers for the discerning beardsman.

BaldyBeardy Merry Beardmas Christmas Gift Basket

This is the Merry Beardmas Gift Basket.

It comprises:

2 x Beard Oils (10ml bottles) of your choice,
3 x Beard Balms and/or Moustache Waxes (15ml tins) of your choice,
1 x Beard Soap (50g bar) OR 1 x Beard Shampoo (50ml bottle) of your choice,
1 x Kent Beard and Moustache Comb.

It is the perfect Christmas Present for the bearded man. The very best beard care and grooming products available on the market presented in a beautiful wicker basket with all the Christmas trimmings with it. Amazing.

There is also a gift wrapping option with this package.

This package retails for £39.95 (£41.95 if gift wrapped). UK recorded delivery is £4.50.


BaldyBeardy Christmas Gift Box

BaldyBeardy Christmas Gift Box

Beard Gift Box

BaldyBeardy Christmas Beard Gift Box

BaldyBeardy Christmas Gift Box

This is the BaldyBeardy Christmas Beard Care Package. Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Shampoo in a gift box with optional Christmas Gift Wrapping.

It comprises:

1 x Beard Oil (10ml bottle) of your choice,
1 x Beard Balm or Moustache Wax (15ml tin) of your choice,
1 x Beard Shampoo (10ml bottle) of your choice.

All presented in a lovely presentation box, perfect for storing the products in. This is a great little gift for a bearded man and makes a perfect stocking filler.

This gift box retails at £14.95 (£16.95 gift wrapped).


Mandarin and Cranberry Gift BoxCinnamon and Orange Delight Gift BoxMulled Wine Christmas Gift BoxChristmas Cake Gift BoxGingerbread Gift BoxPine, Frankincense and Myrrh Gift BoxChristmas Beard care Gift Box

This year there are 6 special Christmas themed scent combinations.

Christmas Cake,

Cinnamon and Orange Delight,


Mandarin and Cranberry,

Mulled Wine

– and a big favourite from last year – Pine, Frankincense and Myrrh (this year also available as an oil and shampoo!).

These special Christmas themed gift boxes retail at £13.95 (£15.95 gift wrapped).


The 6 Christmas themed scents are also available as double combo packs (oil + balm) at £8.95 each.

Mandarin and Cranberry Double Combo Pack

Christmas Cake Double Combo Pack,

Cinnamon and Orange Delight Double Combo Pack,

Gingerbread Double Combo Pack,

Mandarin and Cranberry Double Combo Pack,

Mulled Wine Double Combo Pack and

Pine, Frankincense and Myrrh Double Combo Pack.


Each Christmas themed scent combination is available to purchase as an oil (10ml bottles at £4.95 each) and balm (15ml tins at £4.95 each and 30ml tins at £8.95 each).

Mulled Wine Beard Oil

Mandarin and Cranberry Beard Balm

All Christmas themed products can be found in the Christmas Section at

Happy Bearding and Merry Beardmas! (:-{)}>>