Beard wash shampoo sample bottles – 25% off – June offer

Have you tried one of our Swishy Whiskers beard wash shampoo range yet? If not there’s no better time to try one as for the month of June we’re offering 25% off our 10ml sample bottles.

These beard wash shampoos are gentle to the beard and skin and will leave your beard nicely cleansed as well as silky soft, healthy, strong and glowing. Because they’re sulfate, detergent and paraben free they won’t dry out your beard and skin and strip them of their precious natural oils, leaving them dry, weak, frizzy and brittle – like conventional, mass produced shampoos will. Perfect for sensitive skin and so gentle they’re usable everyday.

Coming in a range of over 35 scents/scent combinations (with new ones being added all the time), there’s definitely one there to suit you!

Swishy Whiskers beard wash shampoo by BaldyBeardy

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