BaldyBeardy gift vouchers

Looking for a birthday gift for your beardy other half but not sure what to go for? Perhaps a thank you gift for a beardy friend whose beard may need a little bit of TLC?
Why not get him one of our rather nifty gift vouchers?
Available in any amount between £5 and £100, they offer the perfect solution.
– Gift vouchers can be used as many times as needed until used up.
– They don’t have expiry dates.
– There is no fee to purchase or redeem them.
– They can be sent via email directly and instantaneously to the recipient upon purchase, or to yourself if you would prefer to print it out and place it in a card.
– We are happy to print out the gift voucher and ship it to the recipient free of charge (UK addresses only).
Also remember that we offer free shipping on all orders over £40 (£50 for the Etsy store) to all addresses in the UK.
We also offer free shipping on orders containing a product from the “Beard Kits and Gift Sets” section of the store to all addresses in the UK.
Happy bearding!! (;-{)}>>

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