Activated Charcoal beard soap

New to the store is Activated Charcoal beard soap. A soap with a special emphasis on detoxifying the skin and removing impurities, as well as providing all the other amazing benefits that our beard soaps provide.

What is Activated Charcoal and why is it so great?

After natural, plant-based sources of carbon such as peat, wood, coal and coconut shells are heated to a very high temperature over a long period of time in the absence of any oxygen, regular charcoal is formed. Activated charcoal is the result of this regular charcoal being heated in the presence of gas which produces tiny pores inside the charcoal. These pores help trap and eliminate nasty chemicals and toxins out of things like your teeth, skin and body – leaving them feeling super clean, refreshed and smooth.

Activated charcoal works well with all skin types, but is especially good on oily skin. Activated charcoal has the natural ability to absorb excess oils, impurities and environmental pollutants as well as removing dead cells. It targets unwanted toxins, purifies and rejuvenates – without stripping the skin of its precious natural moisture.

Activated Charcoal beard soap

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