Get your beard ready for summer!!

Summer beard care and grooming products

With summer just around the corner here are 4 perfect summer blends to keep your beard in tip-top condition and smelling really summery.

Summer Evening – a beautiful blend of marjoram, cardamom, rosewood and violet leaf – (i.m.o.) smells a little bit like Lilt!

Citrus Burst – a lovely fruity combination of orange, tangerine, grapefruit and lime. Instant refreshment for your beard.

Mellow Bliss – a fruity and spicy blend containing bergamot and mandarin as the fruits, and rosemary and black pepper as the spices. Sounds a bit weird but they all work so well together, resulting in a light yet invigorating aroma.

Mojito Magic – a lazy, boozy sunny day, containing a combination of rum, peppermint and lime.

All are available as oils, balms and wash/shampoos (Citrus Burst is also available as a soap) as well as in the various double and triple combination packs.

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